Ron Marsh

Dr. Ronald L. Marsh is a native of Roanoke City and owns and operates Shelemiah Marketing Agency and Consultants. He is a graduate of Jefferson Senior High School and received a BS degree in 2011 from Bluefield College. He also attended Hill College, Texas Arlington, Houston Bible Institute, and received Honorary Doctorate degree from Bethlehem Bible College in Roanoke, as well as his Apostolic Commission in 2003.
He coaches high school basketball and inner-city youth as a mentor.  He currently acts as a pastor, spiritual mentor and educator in Roanoke City Schools, Health and Nutritional consultant, and facilitates health seminars throughout the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas. He also currently serves as trustee for the Bethlehem Bible College and Seminary and is pursuing his Master’s in Special Education from Mary Baldwin College.
Dr. Marsh is running for the board in order to serve as a liaison for the co-op to reach the under-served community and encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle, educate, and motivate families to eat right and support the co-op weekly. Dr. Marsh has been an owner of Roanoke Co+op since 2011 and is married to health minister, Thelma Marsh.
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